Radiation Chip for Apple Tablet 1 Year Warranty Clinically Tested

Imprinted with natural properties, using a patent-pending technology, the chip isscientifically-proven to substantially reduce cellphone radiation without interfering with your Tablet's signal. The properties and imprint method are patent-pending.
Android Tablets - Rchip All tablet computers on the market, including the ever popular iPad and iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy range, Google Nexus 7, and even e-readers such as Kindle and Nook use Radio Frequency (RF) signals such as WiFi which enables them to connect to the internet. So when you are using your tablet or e-reader, your device will be constantly transmitting and receiving RF electromagnetic frequencies unless you take steps to turn off WiFi or place your device in airplane mode. Many of the modern tablets such as the iPad, Kindle and Galaxy range of tablets, have models that are also connected to a 3G or 4G cellular network as well, enabling them to connect to the internet via a cellular network for surfing the web, just like we do with our smartphone. Essentially, tablets that connect to the internet via WiFi and/or cellular connectivity emit EMF radiation just like the WiFi from your laptop and cellular transmissions from your cell phone. This means that you are now being hit from two radiating sources. Two sources that present health dangers that you need to be concerned about when the tablet is close to the body.
Package Quantity1
Part NumberRII-797452
Product GroupCE
PublisherRed India
StudioRed India

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