5 PIECES of sponges Natural body scrubber LOUFAH SPONGE/LOOFAH SPONGE

5 PIECES of sponges Natural body scrubber LOUFAH SPONGE/LOOFAH SPONGE
5 pieces of sponges Natural body scrubber *LOUFAH SPONGE* Keep your body clean with this natural scrubber. 100% Natural. WHAT IS A LOOFAH? A loofah is a fibrous plant seed pod. The luffa plant is a cucurbit, a group of plants including gourds, pumpkins, and cucumbers. It grows as a flowering annual vine. The pollinated flowers grow cylindrical green fruits that eventually develop into a seed pod filled with many intertwined cellulose fibers. The outer skin is removed to reveal the "loofah" inside. Sea sponges are members of the animal kingdom. They grow on the sea floor and filter food out of the water. The word sponge is often used to describe loofah and manmade "sponges" with absorbent properties like sea sponges. USES FOR LUFFA/LOOFAH SPONGES When fully matured the fruits become a tough mass of fiber that makes a great scrubbing sponge. These natural cellulose fiber wonders of the vegetable world have many uses. They can exfoliate the loose cells from your skin and make you skin squeaky clean or shine up your dirty dishes. Loofahs are most excellent in the bath or shower. The exfoliating action leaves your skin feeling the cleanest and tightest it could possibly be. Scrubbing your back with a luffa sponge in the bath or shower is an incredibly pleasurable experience. Home and professional artisan craft soap makers include slices of luffa fiber in their creations to add an extra cleaning boost to their soaps. Shredded or powdered luffa fibers can also be mixed into soap making mixtures before pouring into a mold. Luffa sponges are great for washing items like large pots and other containers. We use them for cleaning almost everything, including cars, boats, plastic buckets, and anything that needs scrubbed but can't withstand steel wool. Non stick cookware is one example. A large loofah or a smaller piece on a handle or rope makes a great back scratcher. They can be cut into many shapes for scrubbing pads
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